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Hand-finished with tea, ink and watercolour on 330gsm Somerset paper
330克Somerset纸,手工完成,茶、水墨、水彩作品 ការបញ្ចប់ដោយដៃជាមួយទឹកតែ ទឹកថ្នាំ និងពណ៌ទឹកនៅលើក្រដាស Somerset 330gsm

70 x 50 


The strong spirit of east London standing strong.

This artwork presents a beautiful woman whose gaze pierces the soul of the audience, surrounded by vibrant splashes of colour that frame her face and lend her an ethereal elegance, celebrating the captivating allure and strength of femininity in the East.


"Jewel of the East 东方之珠 គ្រឿងអលង្ការខាងកើត"

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